"A New Ministry of Live Oaks Christian Fellowship"

Every day is a new beginning, and a new chance to grasp
hope again. Difficult circumstances can challenge faith in God and ourselves. Many ask, "How can this happen? How did this happen to me?" and, "Why would God let this happen?"

The great thing about circumstances is that they are always changing. You may be experiencing your darkest moment, but God's love can lift you up, and He can help you get going in the right direction- giving you new hope!
We Can All Help!
 Hope for the Hopeless
Be sure to e-mail us today and explain your need, or make a request.


...to be His hands and feet

If you would like to help others in some capacity in Katy TX, visit our Blog and find the volunteer page. Please note any special skills you are willing to share.
"Katy Cares" is a local ministry reaching out to various needs in and around Katy, TX. We offer friendship, prayer, and a helping hand. There is absolutely no requirement for our help. Our goal is not to bring you to a meeting, or drag you to church! We just have the desire to love our community and to offer assistance when possible.
If you, or someone you know, is in need of assistance performing a physical task, we would like to help. Perhaps it's the overgrown yard, or deferred home maintenance that has become overwhelming. We strive to offer needed help for the elderly, or for those with physical limitations.

Times are challenging. The economy is down, and families may find it difficult to make ends meet. Blessing a family in need with a weeks worth of groceries can ease immediate worries and show them the love of God.

We want to offer a hand of friendship to the lonely, and prayer for anyone who asks. Please let us know about needs in our community. You can nominate a friend, neighbor, or family member in need of help. Please don't hesitate to request help for yourself as well.




A Helping Hand


Godly Counsel


PLEASE CALL (281) 395-5100 OR E-MAIL: info@liveoaksfellowship.com